wmg is a black woman led firm whose work has been cited as a model for community engagement, hyperlocal marketing and high performing strategic partnerships
Shelley worrell
Shelley Worrell is a cultural entrepreneur, trailblazer and lifestyle expert who centers her Afro-Indian heritage to celebrate Caribpolitan community and culture.

Shelley’s work is driven by a commitment to global Caribbean heritage and hyperlocal community development. She is the founder of Caribbeing and spearheaded the official designation of Little Caribbean, Brooklyn in NYC. Her visionary leadership has been recognized by the New York Times, Vox Media, AirBnB, the James Beard Foundation, hyperallergic, the Caribbean Tourism Organization and others.
Janluk stanislas
Janluk Stanislas, or SLAS, is anchored in a global Caribbean vision, and invested in building new visions of the Caribbean scene. He is best known for his production of music videos for popular French-speaking Caribbean artists, but his vision breaks beyond the bounds of any particular genre.

SLAS is a Founding member of the CNOUMENM collective, where he produced "TRAFIK D'INFO", an experimental shock short film and one of the first Caribbean science fiction films; and FAP FAP documentaries, cinéma vérité guerrilla films that embody his cinematographic aesthetic of Caribbean creative space.
creative network
We work with a talented network of creatives from Director of Photography, Photographers, Editors, Stylists and